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Who could ask for more?

Gone are the day's of having to choose between training in a gym or private studio.  Here at Adrenaline Fitness you have both options.  JUST US FITNESS is our training department offering not only a strategic workout plan to pursue your individual fitness goals, but we can also cater to your choice of environments to fuel your commitment and success!!!  Nothing sets you up for fitness success like hiring a trainer.   To set up a FREE consultation contact a trainer today

Personal Trainers

Coming Soon!
Hometown: Tulsa, OK



  • Yoga Certified

  • CPR Certified

Specializing:    Cardiovascular health, strengthening core and stabilizer

muscles, muscle definition, and improved flexibility.

Philosophy:      Creating a balanced body while learning and adjusting to each clients specific body type, lifestyle, and their individual goals. 

Schedule:    Varies by day. 

Contact me to to discuss options. 


"The path to your greatest potential often lies stright through your greatest fear"

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